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Welcome to Taco Bar KC

We have the realest tacos in Kansas City. 

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This is Taco Bar KC

Our home-made tacos were made with you in mind. In a complex world, we like to keep things simple: only pure, organic ingredients go into our seasonal, locally-sourced tacos and food offerings.

About Us

We are just 2 homies trying to bring you the Realest Tacos around! Kansas City made with Mexican parts! We love tacos here at TacoBar… It’s actually our passion now! We are bringing you our secret family recipe all the way from Michoacan, Mexico. You should only want the freshest, most authentic, savory, and of course THE REALEST TACOS to your mouth. We hope you enjoy the tacos… we would also like to say GRACIAS from your homies here at Taco Bar.

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